Freshest Vegetables and Fruits

We are very protective and particular about our quality. Once we have the fruits and vegetables from the wholesale market we have planned to keep our product good looking, firm and great in taste as well.
Perishable items are to be handled with care till it reaches the consumer.
Since each contact with the product causes a bruise threat as we have promised the premium quality of vegetable and fruits even the single bruise can lead to the beauty reduction.
Once the handpicked farm fresh vegetables reach our storage facility, we record the crucial information of the product condition. e.g. Prix, firmness etc.
Lowering the temperature of storage is a slow process we keep our storage fully ventilates whilst the storage loading of the product When the product reaches the optimum temperature the storage is tightly packed and the oxygen pull down will start by injecting the nitrogen with the controlled atmosphere technology.
We let the product breathe and set the oxygen to the new level of approximately 1.5% after the climatization period.

The Groccy nature control, we will adjust the oxygen level to minimum based on the product respiration and we will rest our product to Ĺ’beauty sleep¹ because of the absolute minimum respiration rate Regular monitoring of product condition and quality is our Standard Operating Procedure.with the grouchy nature control technology the product shelf life is extended to its maximum.


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